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This blog is authored by James Steed.

James Steed is  author and producer of Mandarin Click by Click, an online language lab to give beginners intensive practice with everyday survival Chinese. First, presented in English and Hanyu Pinyin, and later in Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters.  If used, regularly and persistently, beginners will find themselves speaking the Chinese they need to get around easily in that language.  First time learners who do not like lots of explanation, but would rather just practice a lot instead will find themselves not only happy with the website Mandarin Click by Click, they will also find themselves talking circles around their classmates in a very short time.

James (Jim) Steed holds degrees in Art, Chinese (minor), and language teaching. He has taught at several American and Chinese universities, directed several language centers, authored language teaching and self-help books, and consulted for publishing companies. He presently teaches at the University of Kaohsiung, edits medical and scientific research reports, and designs websites and interiors. He speaks Chinese and is interested in art, antiques, cooking, jazz, psychology, and creating websites aimed at helping specific populations of people improve their lives and achieve their goals, Mandarin Click by Click being one such site. Because Mr. Steed will be retiring soon, he would be interested in guest lecturing in different parts of the world for three or four months. If your university or high school would like someone to teach beginning Chinese for short time and you are located in some location of interest, please feel free to contact him.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. For 30 over years i m married to my husband i still can’t speak mandarin, and i hope Mr.James Steed Mandarin Click by Click will help me to improved my Mandarin. Thank you very much to Mr.James hard works for the website and it is very meaningful to those who like to learn chinese.

    • Dear Molly,

      Study it privately until you have almost total ‘over practiced’ and ‘over learned’ it before you start speaking to your husband and his friends. Just learn and listen to them. Then, slowly start opening your mouth. I have found it better to refrain from getting close relatives involved. Either they feel to free to make fun of us, or they feel they have the right to correct everything we say. Both of these methods will harm your language-learning experience.

      Be a stealth leaner! In about a 4 to 6 months, after a couple glasses of wine, just start talking.

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