Business Experience in China

The section is for people and companies to share their experiences of doing business in China.

I’m doing a little research here, sparking a little controversy.

Can a business make a profit in China?  I would like to hear from non-Chinese business people, companies, business association, and corporations or people who have successfully and unsuccessfully established and run a profitable business in China.  Or hear from people who know them.

If successful, how successful and what led to the success?

In unsuccessful, how unsuccessful and what led to the demise?

Let me hear me hear those amazing or horrifying stories in 250 to 400 words.  You can send them to me.  You can post them here, post them in a reply, or you can send them to me at  I am wanting to know if you or someone you know made their fortune or lost their socks in China.

Please, send this question to every blog, message board, website you know, and person you know that might have something to say about this topic.  Give me the lowdown.

If I get enough responses, I will make a separate page for them.  See how interesting it gets.

Thank you,

James Steed

How to Form a Company in China

Here is a link to an article in the China Law Blog titled How to Form a Company in China. The article covers the follow areas: (1.) Make Sure Your Business is Legal For Foreigners.  (2.) Provide The Proper Documentation.   (3.) Investor Documents Needed.  (4.) Consider Forming a Special Purpose Company to Own the WFOE.  (5.) Secure Chinese Government Approval.  (6.) Compile and Provide These Documents for Chinese Government Approval.  (7.) Compile and Provide These Additional Documents for Chinese Government Approval.  (8.) The Approval Process.   Good overall view.  I imagine the people associated with the blog can provide the nuts and bolts of it all.

One thought on “Business Experience in China

  1. In fact, in Taiwan and China, foreigners have very few legal rights. Foreigners are not protected, and businesses and people in Taiwan can harass you and the legal systems will always take the Chinese or Taiwanese side. Because you are the evil foreigner. Your partners will always seem happy and generous at first until you start making money, and then jealousy will start taking them over. They will then see you as evil and then have an excuse to steal what they can for you. To them there is no such thing as business ethics. The rule is “if I can cheat you and get by with it, then I am right.” And in Taiwan, especially, they can always cheat the foreigner and the law not only does not care but they also help. That means the people there can get by with it, and so they are right. Because they are right, that makes you evil. It is best to stay wary at all times when trying to do business here. If you do business, make sure it is through your wife (if she is Taiwanese). Otherwise, you will be sorry, I guarantee. The Taiwanese always blaming the Chinese on the mainland about how how dishonest they are. In fact, they are just pissed off because they got cheated, before they had their chance to do their own cheating. You can’t even hire lawyers in Taiwan, because the chances are that they can be easily bribed to blow your case.

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