Introducing yourself: jiào, guó, rén, zhēndema


To introduce yourself in Mandarin Chinese, you need to know how to greet someone first:  ni hao.  However, you will also find the following Chinese words useful:  jiào (am name/called), guó (country), (which), rén (people,citizen), and zhēndema (really? to show surprise).

Read this dialog aloud if you know hanyu pinyin.

  • Nǐhǎo?  (Hi. How are you?)
  • Hǎo. Nǐ ne? (Fine. And you?)
  • Hén hǎo. Nǐ shì nǎ guó rén?  (Very well.  Which country are you from?)
  • Wǒ shì Měiguórén.  Wǒ jiào Lee.  (I’m American.  I’m called Lee.)
  • Zhēndema?   Wǒyé shì Měiguóren. Wǒ jiào John.   (Really?  I’m also American.  I’m called John.)

For more intensive practice of this language, you can click here.

Here is a video for further explanation by Teacher Benny.

Here is a video for your entertainment with this language–wo shi meiguoren, starring Bruce Lee. Enjoy.


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