Ji or Duoshao?


People just starting Chinese need to know the difference between ji and duo shao. Both mean ‘how many.’ However, duo shao is used with larger numbers or amounts of things, while ji is used with smaller numbers of things. Jǐbēi? (几杯?) “How many glasses or cups?” Go to this free easy lesson to hear it and practice it in context. It’s fun.

5 Mistakes Confused Laowai Made When He Started Learning Chinese


Here is an article by Confused Laowai.  It starts, “I’ve been studying Mandarin at University for about two years and 3 months. The mistakes I made, might not be mine particularly, but perhaps the way our course is structured. However, these mistakes can be applied to anyone starting to learn Mandarin. These “mistakes” are not necessarily bad, but it’s part of  my current shortcomings in Mandarin that I still struggle with. Perhaps you can learn from me and try to fill those gaps earlier on….

He goes on to discuss his 5 Mistakes I Made When I Started Learning Chinese.

Mandarin Click by Click: Cages Open, Chinese Unleashed!


Six months ago, thanks to special funding, I made Mandarin Click by Click totally free. However, you had to sign up and had to follow the lessons in order. (Read pain in the .. )

And now after several months of deliberation, and with the suggestions and immense help of Dave at Chinese Hacks dot Com, I have totally opened the educational site up. Mandarin Click by Click is more immediately accessible.   Now no more signup. Now practice any lesson you like in any order you like.  Let’s just nickname it Click by Click Unleashed or Mandarin Click by Click Open House.  Maybe the Chinese Banquet Buffet!

It also has a new cleaner front page with the lessons listed right up front. Nothing between you the lessons. Window shopping without the windows!  Just reach in and grab. Have at it!

There’s a little bit more tweaking to do, a culture lesson here and a Google ad and search there, and the other languages.  But we have literally put Chinese right at your finger tips.

Now you can go directly from the index page to any of the twelve practice packed lessons without signing up: (1) Ordering Drinks (2) Chatting in Chinese, (3) Making Phone Calls, (4) Filling Out Forms, (5) Telling Time, (6) Arranging Dates, (7) Discussing Dating Schedules, (8) Discussing Dates, (9) Socializing, (10) Getting Around, (11) Daily Shopping, and (12) Shopping for special things and getting service.  If you a learn-by-doing person, you will find yourself light years beyond your first-year classmates!

I urge you to revisit the index page. Play around with it. Give me some positive suggestions in the comments.  The little balloon caption in the topic right hand corner of this post.