Learn the Chinese New Years Song

You hear this song all over the place on Chinese New Years.

People greet each other by saying “Congratulations to you”  (Gongxi ni) .  It is traditionally spoken to congratulate others for survival the monster that goes New Years Eve.  The firecrackers are traditionally set up to scare him away.  The phrase in often followed by “Good Fortune” (Fa cai).  “Gongxi Facai.”

With pingyin.

Cartoon with characters and English Translation.

With beautiful girl and beautiful voice.

Chinese New Years Fireworks

Fireworks are shot on at midnight to traditionally scare away a monster at night and save the people.  Therefore, the next day the Chinese say “Congratulations,” for surviving the  threat of the monster.

Fireworks were outlawed more many years as extravagant and unsafe. Now with their new found wealth and freedom, Chinese go firecracker crazy.  Not just on this night. Eight days later, the money god is supposed to be going through, so business shoot them off again ALL DAY to attract his attention.  Ear muffs are in order.

Ningbo, China

Beijing, China

Sacrificing Money and Food to Hungry Gods and Ancestors

Now here is something for global warming. I am sure that imitation money-burning, incense-burning, and fireworks really wipe out the environment and your lungs for weeks this time of the year.

Symbolically, things are burned during sacrifices–here imitation money.  But it can be incense, as well as paper houses, cars, and cans of beer. (I kid you not.).

Imitation Money Seller in Thailand Explaining the Custom (See Paper Money)

Family Burning Money in the Backyard (Typical Can)

Burning Money at Temple Procession  (Imagine Breathing the Smoke)

On the Street, Not Just for Chinese New Years  (Taipei)

At Home in The Country

Chinese New Years Eve Meal

Like Christmas, Chinese New Years is a family affair.  It is a day when even the poorest try to have an all out feast for everyone in the family.  In addition to decorations, the foods are filled with symbolism.  Here is a pretty good video in which a chef explains some of the special dishes prepared for this meal.