How to use ‘chuan’ and ‘dai’, the two words for ‘wear’ in Chinese


Beginning learners of Chinese can learn the difference between ‘chuan’ and ‘dai’, the two words for ‘wear’ in Chinese.  Dave Flynn at Chinese Hacks explains it quite well. Right here at Chinese Hacks.  Enjoy.  After you have read Dave’s little lesson, if you are a high-beginning Chinese learner, you practice a dialog that takes place in a clothing store on Mandarin Click by Click Lesson 12.

How to Say You Want Something ‘to go’ in Chinese


The beginning learner of Mandarin might have fun with the word for ‘carry out’ in Chinese, especially with so many Chinese restaurants around the world. It is a combination of the words ‘carry’ and ‘walk’ or ‘go away:’ dai4 zou3 ( 带 走 ). Another way to say it is by combining the words ‘outside’ and ‘carry’: wai4 dai4 ( 外 带 ) The next time you go in to a Chinese restaurant and you want them to box up your Chicken Chow Mein, just say, “Chicken Chow Mein. Dai4zou3.” If they don’t get it, say “Wai4dai4.” They say it different ways in different parts of China. You might need say it twice because they are not used to non-Chinese speaking Mandarin!  Learn at little more about  ordering in Chinese here.