Hú is foolish and reckless?


胡 “reckless” can be used to make many Chinese phrases referring to recklessness or foolishness.  We often use them to joke with close friends, not acquaintances or people we don’t know very well.  (1)* húshuōbādào 胡说八道  “Idiom used to criticize. Talk lies and nonsense,”  (2)*  hútú  胡涂 “adj. confused,muddled,” (3)* húsīluànxiǎng 胡思乱想  “Idiom to mean  foolish thinking,”  (4)* húhuāluànyòng 胡化乱用 “Idiom to mean spend and use money recklessly,”    (5) húshuōluàndào   胡说乱道  “Idiom to mean talk wildly and foolishly,”  (6) húyán  胡言  “noun to refer to foolish talk,” (7) húchuī 胡 吹 ” verb phrase meaning to brag or talk big,” (8) húzhi 胡支 “verb phrase meaning to hem and haw or make excuses,” (9) húrìnòng 胡日弄 “colloquial verb phrase to mean to act recklessly,”  and (10)  húlái  胡来  “verb phrase meaning to bungle, cause mischief, proceed recklessly.”