Mandarin Chinese Expressions with Màn (Slow)


The #Mandarin #Chinese word for ‘slow’ is màn (慢). It is used in many #Chinese #expressions, many introduced at Mandarin Click by Click.

Mànmànlái  (慢慢来) means ‘take your time’, (a polite phrase used to calm people down when they are nervous about doing something correctly).   Mànzǒu (慢走) means ‘leave slowly’ (a polite phrase to say good-bye to guests who are leaving, similar to English ‘Don’t be in such a hurry.’).

Mànmantēngtēng (慢慢藤藤) means unhurriedly.  Mànmantūntūn (慢慢吞吞) means unbearably slow. Both are usually used as adverbs with a ‘de’ before a verb.

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How to Pronounce Ü in Chinese


#Jim #Steed worked hard to make the sound ‘ Ü ‘  in #Mandarin #Chinese #Pronunciation. You can learn how to say and practice all #Chinese #sounds at Mandarin Click by Click Pronunciation. To make ‘ Ü ‘, for example, you can say the “oo” in too, but round your lips like you are whistling or like you are trying to blow “oo” through a straw with the rounded moist tissues behind your lips.

You can also say “tree” backwards.  As your lips begin to protrude outwards and as you approach the ‘r’ from behind, you will hear a close approximation of the sound.  Have you ever been to Shr..eveport, Louisiana?

Sometimes it is written out: ǖ, ǘ, ǚ, and ǜ.  It is written with ” u ” in pinyin after y, j, q, and x.

There are lots of sounds and tones to learn and practice. Don’t go for perfection at first; go for understanding.  There are 500 tiny muscles in your tongue.  Ballerinas don’t master the dance overnight, and you won’t master Chinese pronunciation overnight, either. As the Chinese say, “mànmànlái 慢慢来 ” (slow slow come-take your time).

You may find this video for ǖ interesting.

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