Research Question: What are the chances of you making a fortune in China?


I’m doing a little research here, sparking a little controversy.

Can a business make a profit in China?  I would like to hear from non-Chinese business people, companies, business association, and corporations or people who have successfully and unsuccessfully established and run a profitable business in China.  Or hear from people who know them.

If successful, how successful and what led to the success?

In unsuccessful, how unsuccessful and what led to the demise?

Let me hear me hear those amazing or horrifying stories in 250 to 400 words.  You can send them to me.  You can post them here, post them in a reply, or you can send them to me at  I am wanting to know if you or someone you know made their fortune or lost their socks in China.

Please, send this question to every blog, message board, website you know, and person you know that might have something to say about this topic.  Give me the lowdown.

I hope I get lots of responses, so I have made a separate page for them.  Let’s see if this one flies.

Thank you,

James Steed




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