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Start Learning Chinese Today!

Don't mess around with little apps that fool you into thinking you are mastering Chinese, when, in fact, you are playing games with just 10 or 15 sentences. If you are seriously interested in learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese, you can master basic everyday Chinese conversation in three months using this no-nonsense intensive Chinese conversation language lab.

If you are a beginner, click and talk yourself through this course and you'll astound everyone, including yourself.

Come on! Give it go!

Free Lessons 1 – 3

1. Ordering Drinks

Ordering Drinks in Chinese- Greeting in Chinese, inviting someone to sit down, ordering drinks to go, thanking, counting to five, saying good-bye.

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2. Chatting in Chinese

Chatting in Chinese- Talking about where you are from and your job. Responding to a compliment.

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3. Making Phone Calls

Making Phone Calls in Chinese- Asking who someone is, identifying yourself, apologizing, asking people to repeat or wait. Thanking, exchanging numbers, and counting to ten.

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Subscriptions 4 - 6

4. Filling out Forms

Filling out Forms in Chinese- Asking for name and identification numbers. Asking how to say something in Chinese. Likes and dislikes. Using social phrases.

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5. Telling Time

Telling Time in Chinese- Asking about time, talking about schedules and daily activities. Responding to offers of help. Polite responses.

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6. Arranging Dates

Arranging Dates in Chinese- Arranging days, times and places to meet for special activities. Making and responding to invitations by accepting and declining.

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Subscriptions 7 - 9

7. Daily Schedules

Talking About Daily Schedules- daily activities, days, and times. Asking what something means.

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8. Discussing Dates

Discussing Dates in Chinese- Talking about schedules, plans, birthdays, and personal characteristics. Language teaching and learning.

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9. Socializing

Socializing in Chinese- making introductions, and showing interest. Family and professional relationships. Feelings and characteristics.

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Subscriptions 10 - 12

10. Getting Around

Getting Around in Chinese- Discussing addresses, directions, spatial relationships, and leisure activities.

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11. Daily Shopping

Daily Shopping- Buying daily necessities, stamps, medicines, and drinks. Money.

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12. Getting Service

Shopping for Services in Chinese- Getting a haircut, buying clothes, and ordering food. How to bargain. Introduction to China's most popular dishes.

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