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James Steed Mandarin Chinese Click By Click

Mandarin Click by Click was written, produced, content edited, and is currently presented by James Steed of Jianshi Di, language edited by Liu Jia Jing (Selina), recorded by Jiao Bao Lei (Luke) and Wang Wei, sound engineered by Martin Rawlins and Shen Da Wei (David), checked and edited for marketing by Lin Yi Zhan (Jack) and Wang Ying Fen (Fiona), constructed by Bill Hicks and Feng Yu Cheng (Soccer).

About James Steed Author, Producer, and Presenter Mandarin Click by Click

  James Steed  


    James Steed is the author and producer of Mandarin Click by Click. He holds degrees in Art, Chinese (minor), and language teaching. He has taught at several American and Chinese universities, directed several language centers, authored language teaching and self-help books, and consulted for publishing companies. He presently teaches at the University of Kaohsiung, edits medical and scientific research reports, and designs websites and interiors. He speaks Chinese and is interested in art, antiques, cooking, jazz, psychology, and creating websites aimed at helping specific populations of people improve their lives and achieve their goals, Mandarin Click by Click being one such site. Because Mr. Steed will be retiring soon, he would be interested in guest lecturing in different parts of the world for three or four months. If you university or high school should would like someone to teach beginning Chinese for short time and you are located in some location of interest, please feel free to contact him. He can be contacted at:


Mandarin Click by Click--Beijing

Language Editor—Liu Jia Jing (Selina)


    As editor of an online class, I have been doing their best to make this material as natural and as modern as it is spoken in Beijing. In the process of editing this material, I realized that learning Mandarin from this site is the most practical and includes exercises, interactive conversations. I will use this program at a later date. Knowing that the students can get a good opportunity to practice thoroughly at home, I can do activities that can only be done by the teacher. I hope you enjoy this site and if you want to send messages and suggestions, please email

    在课程的编辑工作上,我已尽力确保教材内容跟时下北京的生活用语吻合。身为中文教师,我知道这一套包含了丰富互动练习的线上课程会是非常实用的教材。如果 学生在家能够借由此网站得到完善的练习,老师在课堂上便能进行更多其他的教学活动。我个人会将此网站纳入教学,希望您也跟我一样乐于使用。请不吝惠予您宝贵的看法与建议。


Teacher Liu Jia Jing (Selina)    
Liu Jiajing (Selina)


     Ms. Liu holds a B.A. in Chinese Language and Culture from Beijing Language and Culture University. She has taught in Beijing at CET intensive language program and other special programs. She has co--authored a book on cross cultural education on youth culture.


    Ms. Liu is passionate about teaching Chinese and helping  foreign students in China better understand Chinese culture. She’s an independent thinker and always up for a good discussion. She hopes to pursue an advanced degree overseas and is presently try to find a graduate school that best suits her needs and would give her the opportunity to continue to teach Chinese while doing her course work.



Teacher Kate Serbina (Ekaterina Serbina)    
Kate Serbina (Ekaterina Serbina)




     Ekaterina Serbina Russian. Graduated from M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, been studying at Peking University, working in China (3 years).


     Obtained Master degree in Chinese literature and language at National ChengKung University in TAIWAN. Journalist at Radio Taiwan International.



Teacher Wang Wei


  mandarin chinese online  


        Wang Wei has a Masters in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Normal University.  During her undergraduate education at Beijing Language and Culture University, she also studied Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. 


    Since graduation, she has been teaching Chinese to American university students in Beijing.  She is proud to be a native of a vibrant city full people from all over the world and she is proud of her Beijing “-er” accent.  She says that she would love to teach Chinese all over the world. In this way, she could have firsthand experience with many cultures and she would have a chance to taste the world’s most delicious food. 


Teacher Jiao Bao Lei (Luke)    


    Jiao Bao Lei (Luke) holds a degree in Mechanics and Automation from Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture.  He has worked for a French company in Beijing, and worked in England, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. He taught English during the four years he was a university student.


  He loves teaching and talking with foreign students learning Chinese.  He hopes to have the free time to travel a lot in the future.  He hopes more and more Click by Click users can visit his beloved Beijing.




Sound Engineer Martin Rawlins


  Martin Rawlins



    Martin is a full-time recording and mixing engineer from Bath, England. He is currently living in Beijing. He's been recording music with his own gear for over ten years. This time Mandarin. Why not? When in China, do as… .

    Martin has strummed the guitar since 12, spanked the bass since 17 and bounced all over the drums since 21.

    He loves many types of music, from Hendrix and Led Zeppelin through to Prince, Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and all kinds of mad jazz and electronica.





Mandarin Click by Click -- Gaoxiong


Teacher Lin Yu Zhan (Jack) and Wang Ying Fen (Fiona)

  mandarin chinese  


        Lin Yi Zhan holds a B.A. from Furen University and has taught Chinese in an International School in Ningbo and English in language schools in Gaoxiong. He presently serves as the office manager of a busy editing company, and maintains the whole Mandarin website. 



    Wang Ying Fen (Finoa) holds a degree Art and presently works an office manager in a hardware company. She enjoys getting along friends and traveling.


Web Design Bill Hicks    


         Bill has been in Taiwan for many years. He runs an IT company called Asiatech, focusing on providing IT solutions for companies including software and website development. His wife is Taiwanese and they have a couple of great kids! 


    Bill is an avid student of Chinese reading, writing, and culture. Visit him at


Web Design Feng Yu Cheng (Soccer), Electrical Engineer  
  Soccer Feng  


    Soccer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Feng Jia University.  His interest in aviation.



Web Consultant David Flynn (Lin Da Wei)


  Dave Flynn  


    Dave is a designer of websites, learner of Chinese and lover of technology. Originally from the UK , he's been living in Taiwan and learning Mandarin Chinese for the last five years. He founded and runs Chinese Hacks, a blog dedicated to effectively learning Chinese.


Technician Shen Da Wei (David)


  Dave Shen  


    Sheng Da Wei (David) majored in Western Languages ​​and Literature at the National University of Kaohsiung. David LOVES Taiwanese Puppetry and photograhy. He plans to do the Advanced Studies in Library Science.




Learning Chinese Culture

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  • Learn about Chinese Chopsticks
  • Learn Chinese Qigong, Chikung
  • Learn Chinese Song
  • Learn about Chinese New Year
  • Learn about Chinese Lantern Festival
  • Learning about one Chinese medicine
  • Learning about Chinese Calligraphy
  • Learning about the Chinese Zither
  • Guzheng
  • Learning China’s scenic spots
  • Learning about Chinese Food
  • Learning about Shanghainese




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