James Steed Mandarin Chinese Click By Click

Mandarin Click by Click was written, produced, content edited, and is currently presented by James Steed of Jianshi Di, language edited by Liu Jia Jing (Selina), recorded by Jiao Bao Lei (Luke) and Wang Wei, sound engineered by Martin Rawlins and Shen Da Wei (David), checked and edited for marketing by Lin Yi Zhan (Jack) and Wang Ying Fen (Fiona), constructed by Bill Hicks and Feng Yu Cheng (Soccer).

About James Steed Author, Producer, and Presenter Mandarin Click by Click

  James Steed  


    James Steed is the author and producer of Mandarin Click by Click. He holds degrees in Art, Chinese (minor), and language teaching. He has taught at several American and Chinese universities, directed several language centers, authored language teaching and self-help books, and consulted for publishing companies. He presently teaches at the University of Kaohsiung, edits medical and scientific research reports, and designs websites and interiors. He speaks Chinese and is interested in art, antiques, cooking, jazz, psychology, and creating websites aimed at helping specific populations of people improve their lives and achieve their goals, Mandarin Click by Click being one such site. Because Mr. Steed will be retiring soon, he would be interested in guest lecturing in different parts of the world for three or four months. If you university or high school should would like someone to teach beginning Chinese for short time and you are located in some location of interest, please feel free to contact him. He can be contacted at: jimsteed@hushmail.com




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